Random Libertarian Thoughts – February 10, 2015

  • Brian Williams is in hot water over embellishing (some would say lying) about an incident that happened while he was in Iraq.  Now people are questioning his stories about his time in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.  He talked about bodies floating by in the flood waters.  I just figured it was the bodies of people that Chris Kyle took out from the top of the Superdome.
  • I recently saw The Tonight Show where Jimmy Fallon said: “Speaking of Obama, he presented a $4 trillion budget that he says would help the middle class.  And then the middle class said, ‘You know what, how about just giving us $4 trillion?  That will help us.  We will figure it out.  We’ll figure out what to do with it.'”  Fallon has no idea how true that should be.
  • Jeb Bush said his brother had been a “great president”.  I understand loving your family.  But if he thinks his brother was a great president, that is enough for me to strongly oppose Jeb Bush.  Anyone who thinks George W. Bush was a great president, or even a good one, deserves huge criticism from libertarians.
  • How does ISIS sell all of this oil?  We are not talking about Bin Laden hiding in a cave somewhere.  This isn’t a bunch of roaming terrorists.  These people somehow know how to package and deliver oil and receive payment.  Do you ever get the feeling that you are not getting the full story from the U.S. government?

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