Rand Paul Oversteps

For some reason, Rand Paul has a lot of supporters who also support his father – Ron Paul.  Many Ron Paul supporters found the liberty movement in 2007/ 2008  or 2011/ 2012 during his presidential campaigns.  They are hungry for some decent politicians (oxymoron?) and for some real change.

Some Ron supporters have defaulted to Rand.  But Rand is no Ron, as some are still finding out.

Rand Paul is a politician.  It was always hard to consider Ron Paul a politician.  He has always been principled and he just happened to get elected to Congress.

Rand Paul is going to run for president, unless he figures that he has little chance.  He plays politics.  He will say different things to different crowds.

I understand you don’t go to a Christian group and lead off with ending the drug war.  I understand you don’t go to a minority group and lead off with ending all laws against discrimination because they violate property rights.  However, with that said, Ron Paul did speak to a group of Cuban-Americans and told them he favors ending the embargo on Cuba.

My point is that you deliver your message in a way that is likely to be well received, at least by some people.  You are selling your message.  The problem arises when you change your message and you don’t stick to principles.

Rand Paul posted the following on Facebook: “Hillary Clinton simply does not recognize the threat that the world faces from a nuclear Iran.  Play our ‘Who Said It?’ game and see if you can tell the different between statements from Hillary Clinton and and Ayatollah spokesman.”

First, Hillary Clinton is a warmonger, so he is doing a complete disservice to make it sound as if she is some kind of non-interventionist.

Second, if Rand Paul is being hard on Hillary Clinton for being too soft on Iran, I wonder what he is saying about his dad.

Third, Rand Paul is showing that he simply cannot be trusted, particularly in regards to foreign policy.  I have seen through him from the beginning and have never trusted him.  I have spoken to libertarians who have criticized me for this, or at least disagreed.

This Facebook post comes right after Rand Paul joined most of the Republican senators (47 in all) in signing a warning letter to Iranian officials that they would not go along with Obama’s attempts at making peace with Iran.

Again, Obama also has a bad record on foreign policy, but the Republican Congress actually makes him look good, despite his drone bombings, sanctions, and war making.

The best part of that Facebook post were the comments by his “friends”.  They are calling him a neocon.  They are telling him to stop beating the war drums.  They are telling him that he needs to listen to his father.

I once thought Rand Paul had a decent chance of getting the Republican nomination.  I no longer think this is likely, unless he just completely abandons his base, whatever that is.

I don’t think Rand can succeed just from establishment support.  Why wouldn’t the establishment just support Jeb Bush or Scott Walker?

Rand Paul has been trying to play both sides of the fence since the time he started running for the Senate.  It hasn’t changed.  It is probably getting worse now that he is in the Senate and he is probably running for president.  He isn’t going to succeed by losing most of the supporters of his father.

If he really wants to play politics, he would make sure to at least appease his base, which is mainly a portion of Ron Paul supporters.  I don’t think supporting a Fed audit is going to cut it, especially when he is beating the war drums on Iran.

I will not vote for Rand Paul in 2016.  I will at least consider Jesse Ventura in 2016 if he runs.  I probably agree with Rand Paul’s economics more than Ventura’s.  But I trust Jesse Ventura more to do the right thing.  I particularly trust him more when it comes to foreign policy, which is the most important issue for a president.

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