Trump Turns Bad on Guns Too

Just two days ago, I wrote a post on Donald Trump and his proposals to spy on mosques and to prohibit Muslims from entering the country.

I also compared these proposals to similar measures taken by the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s, before the concentration camps.

Perhaps the Nazi comparisons are overused, but it still makes a point.  I don’t think Trump wants to march Muslims off to concentration camps to be slaughtered, but he is still entering dangerous territory.

I understand why some libertarians like him and some hate him.  I have had some favorable things to say about him, especially in terms of upsetting the Republican establishment.  But he is playing politics with immigration, and Muslims in particular.

Actually, playing politics is the best case scenario.  If he really is that anti-Muslim, then maybe we should worry about concentration camps.  I think it is just politics though.

But every presidential administration sets a precedent for the next one.  If he whips the American people into even more of an anti-Muslim frenzy, who knows who will come along next and who knows what he or she will do.

I am surprised that some libertarians are actually seeming to defend Trump on his proposals to ban new Muslims from entering.  Sure, his proposals are less evil than someone who wants to nuke the Middle East or start another war, but they still shouldn’t be excused.

When I wrote my last post, I mentioned that Jews were disarmed in Nazi Germany.  I said, “Will Trump suggest that Muslims be disarmed?”  But I later found out that Trump is advocating something similar.  It isn’t specifically directed at Muslims, but it may as well be.

Trump said that he would look at the possibility of disarming people who appear on the government’s no-fly list.  We can probably guess that many of these people are Muslims.  We can be certain that most of them are innocent.

It took Marco Rubio of all people to point out that the no-fly list is filled with mistakes that often confuses people with the same name.

The government’s no-fly list is basically a secret.  When someone gets put on there, there is no trial in front of a jury.  There is no conviction of a crime.  It is a bunch of bureaucrats deciding who they want to put on there.  Maybe some of these people have agendas (doesn’t everyone?), and maybe some use it for revenge or to hamper political enemies.

What if Donald Trump ends up on a no-fly list?  Under his proposal, he would have to give up his guns.  Would his bodyguards have to do the same?

This is just another example of where Trump has dictator syndrome. He is not thinking about or concerning himself with the actual law or with justice.

I really liked Trump when he first entered the race because he shook things up a bit.  But he is quickly wearing on me.  He is getting more scary by the minute.

I understand that most of his opponents are really bad too.  They want to start wars and they have little regard for human life.  But that doesn’t excuse what Trump is saying now.  He is no friend of liberty.

As a side note to end, if Muslims are banned from entering the United States from the Middle East, can the Muslims in the Middle East ban the U.S. military and their drones from entering the Middle East?

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