What Will Trump Do To Hillary?

Maybe this question should be turned around.  Donald Trump is a big threat to Hillary Clinton’s character.  Clinton may be a threat to Trump’s life.

While there are a lot of political positions Trump has taken that I vehemently disagree with, he has also said some great things.

He has been inconsistent on foreign policy, but I have already pointed out that inconsistency in this area is better than the consistent war making of the others.  The most important thing Trump has said is that Bush lied us into war.  It made it that much better that he said it right before the South Carolina primary.

His bashing of Bush on the Iraq War and his less belligerent foreign policy have not hurt him.  Maybe Ron Paul, who does not like Trump, helped pave the way.  Maybe there has just been a sea change in public opinion.  Maybe Trump supporters don’t really care what he says, as long as he remains honest.

A year ago, this presidential race was shaping up to be Bush vs. Clinton.  Where have we seen that before?  It would have been almost too obvious that we live in an oligopoly.  But the Republican voters put an end, at least for now, to the Bush family.

While some Democrats did turn out for Bernie Sanders, they are still going to end up nominating Hillary Clinton, who is perhaps the most power-hungry person in the human race.  She has been planning her way to the presidency since the last time she occupied the White House.  Obama put a bump in the road in 2008.  Now we’ll see if Trump is a bump in the road.

I was pleasantly surprised that Trump brought up the allegations that Ted Cruz’s father may have been working with Lee Harvey Oswald not long before the Kennedy assassination.  Is there Cruz ties to the CIA?

Maybe it is just coincidence that Cruz dropped out of the race shortly after this.  He did get crushed in Indiana.  Still, for Trump to say something like this makes him unique amongst presidential candidates.  Even Ron Paul wasn’t talking conspiratorial type stuff in his campaigns.

This is why Trump vs. Clinton could be such entertainment.  Will Trump bring up the Clintons’ past?  I am not just talking about infidelities.

John Kennedy Jr. was killed in a plane crash in 1999.  It was reported that he was getting set to announce his run for the Senate in New York.  But that seat was for Hillary Clinton.  It was her stepping stone to the presidency.  This was part of her plan.  JFK Jr. was probably the one person who could beat Hillary Clinton for that seat.  Did the Clinton’s play a role in the Kennedy plane crash?

It is amazing how many Clinton associates died from “accidents” or “suicides”.  It is almost statistically impossible.  Sure, they do know a lot of people, but some of these people were rather close associates. The most famous one is Vince Foster.

The big question is, will Donald Trump bring this up at any time during his campaign against Clinton, assuming that Trump is the nominee?  If he brings up these suspicious deaths, this could open up new investigations.

I absolutely despise the Clintons.  I despise the Bush family too, but that is in more recent history (the last 13 years).  I despised the Clintons back in the early 1990s when I was still a teenager.  I always knew there was something phony about Bill Clinton.  He seemed like a shyster to me then.  I couldn’t understand why people couldn’t see through him.

To be fair, I didn’t see through the Bush family.  It wasn’t until after George W. Bush became president and started the Iraq War that I came to despise him and his family.  That was the time I became more anti-war and a hardcore libertarian.  I fell for the lies of George H. W. Bush, and even the second Bush presidency a little bit at the beginning.

As far as Hillary Clinton, I really don’t think there is anyone worse.  The only good thing about her is that we may have some opposition to her in Congress if she is president.  At least there may be some gridlock, or about as much as we could expect.

Hillary Clinton is bad on virtually every single issue.  She is bad on war, on civil liberties, and economics.  She is a complete statist.  And then she is a liar and a criminal on top of all of this.

She is also very intelligent.  I don’t underestimate her.  At that same time, she doesn’t have the ability to charm people to the same degree as her husband once did.  So luckily she is not really charismatic.  That would be an even worse combination.

It is my hope that Donald Trump takes down Hillary Clinton.  I want her behind bars, but not just because of the email scandal.  I want her reputation ruined.  I hope much of her agenda gets ruined with it.

I can at least hope.  Meanwhile, if I were Donald Trump, I would be very careful.  He has already gone after the Bush family and now he is taking on the Clinton family.  These are two of the most dangerous families in existence.

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