Is the Democratic Nomination Still in Question?

Bernie Sanders won’t go away.  Despite Hillary Clinton’s lead in the race for delegates, Sanders refuses to drop out.  Some say he wants to grow his donations and mailing list based on California, even though he knows he can’t win.

I am wondering if Sanders is just hanging around just in case.  Sanders himself is not that big of a threat to Clinton, at least in terms of the Democratic nomination.  But Hillary Clinton has other problems that might make Sanders the default nominee.

It is interesting that the media has not been all that warm to her.  It is certainly not an all-out attack as we see on Trump, but networks other than Fox News have actually been somewhat critical, as well as other so-called mainstream media outlets.

I think the establishment does not really want Hillary Clinton as the nominee.  They probably don’t want the baggage that goes with her and her husband.  It is not that they care about her immorality or anything like that.  It is just that they don’t want the whole system to be questioned as more Americans learn how bad she really is.

I have been saying for a while now that Sanders is her third biggest threat.  The first two are a possible FBI indictment over the email scandal and an economic recession.

I now push Sanders into fourth place amongst her major threats.  Donald Trump has moved into the top three.

I wrote in an earlier post about the possibility of bringing up the crimes of the Clinton family.  I specifically mentioned the “suicide” of Vince Foster, as well as the many other suspicious deaths that surround the Clinton family.

While Trump has gone there yet, he has already invoked Juanita Broaddrick, who claims she was raped by Bill Clinton.  I have seen her in several interviews and she does not seem like one who craves media attention.  I believe what she is saying and I think many others would do the same if they knew about her.  It is hard to believe that many Americans do not know the story of Juanita Broaddrick, or who do not care enough to look into it.

Trump is already running an ad against Clinton which invokes the story of Juanita Broaddrick.

I think the next step will be to link Bill Clinton with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  Clinton has taken repeated trips on his private jet.  Personally, I would be surprised if Bill Clinton isn’t a pedophile.

That will be stage two for Trump.  He just has to mention it and it becomes an elephant in the room that the media can’t ignore.  They can call him crazy, but you know millions of people will hit “Google” and read more.

It is hard to believe that the allegation of rape is in third place in terms of serious crimes.

In first place is Vince Foster and the other mysterious deaths.  I think Trump should wait until a debate to bring this up.  This would catch Hillary Clinton flat-footed.  Again, millions of people would be on Google looking up the story.  I think she would be destroyed if the majority of people had any doubts.

Hillary Clinton really wouldn’t know how to respond.  The best she could do is say that Trump is a conspiracy theory nut.  But she won’t be prepared.  Do you think Hillary’s debate-prep team is asking her questions about Vince Foster?

This may be the reason that the media is ok with letting her fall now. They probably hope for an indictment by the FBI so that they can force her to step down.

At that point, Sanders may or may not be the nominee.  He hopes he would be the nominee, but it would make it easier for the establishment to call in Joe Biden or someone else.

So while the bets are on Hillary Clinton to win the nomination, and even the presidency, I still have my doubts.  Maybe it is wishful thinking.  If someone is bold enough to bring up Hillary Clinton’s shady past, it is Donald Trump.  He is already doing it.

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