What Can Stop Hillary Clinton?

The FBI recently announced that it would not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton for using a private email server while working as Secretary of State.  While some of her opponents are disappointed, it comes as little surprise.

The Clintons have gone through life by using lies and threats and violence in order to gain power and to prevent others from dethroning them.

They are both highly intelligent.  I believe Bill Clinton is a sociopath.  He has the ability to turn on his emotions at a whim, as seen at Ron Brown’s funeral.

People who meet Bill Clinton say he is incredibly charming and can win people over almost instantly.  But this is the classic sign of a sociopath.  He can easily trick others into thinking that he is empathizing with them.

Hillary Clinton is not as skilled.  She is a liar and criminal, but she does not have the same ability as Bill to instantly charm people.  Still, she is pretty good at faking it for some people.  If she weren’t any good, then she wouldn’t be the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

The lying and criminality goes way back to at least Arkansas.  I firmly believe that both of these individuals will do anything to gain and retain power.  That includes threatening others with violence, and following through with violence if necessary.

The number of people associated with the Clintons who either ended up in jail or ended up dead is astonishing.  It is hard to get an accurate count because some of the associations are more direct than others.  Even for a governor and president, it seems statistically impossible.

I understand that people in positions of power have greater connections and more people within their circles.  But if you don’t think that the Clintons are behind murdering people (not counting foreign policy), then you must believe it is a statistical aberration that so many of their friends and associates end up dead or in jail.

If you think this is too conspiratorial, you don’t have to dig much to still conclude that the Clintons are a highly corrupt and criminal duo.

The email scandal itself is obvious evidence.  There are many people who have gone to jail for much lesser offenses.  Military people have gone to jail for sharing pictures or text messages, where they didn’t even intend to disclose anything.  So even if Hillary Clinton did not have intent, if she were not above the law, she would be going to prison.

Of course, to think that there wasn’t intent would be incredibly naive at best.  She is obviously very intelligent and she knew exactly what she was doing when she used private email for state business.

Even aside from all of this, let’s go back to the final days of the Clintons in the White House.  Bill Clinton issued 140 pardons on his final day in office.

As a side note, issuing pardons is actually a constitutional function.  If any libertarian ever became president, he or she could instantly pardon all people convicted of federal crimes in which there was no victim.  This would include all people convicted of federal drug laws.

So it was certainly within Clinton’s constitutional power to issue pardons.  But when you look at the list, it is a lot of friends and associates.  It includes his brother.  It includes Susan McDougal, who went to jail so that she could spare jail time for Bill Clinton.

Clinton also pardoned Marc Rich, who was one of the most wanted men in America.  He was on the run from tax evasion and other charges.  From a libertarian standpoint, maybe he should have been pardoned, but it is the inconsistency and hypocrisy.  Bill Clinton did not pardon other tax evaders, most of whom would owe far less.

This was a complete abuse of power.  It actually received a little bit of attention from the mainstream press at the time.  But Americans have short memories.  Most vaguely remember anything about these pardons, which was a complete abuse of power.

Hillary Clinton is part of her husband’s (if in name only) team.  They married as a business partnership in order to gain wealth and power.

With the FBI passing on recommending charges against Hillary Clinton, it almost seems she is unstoppable.

Still, I remain optimistic.  Donald Trump is the best candidate to go up against her because he will attack her personally.

Don’t get me wrong here.  The actual political issues are incredibly important, but almost everyone is on the wrong side.  If anyone gets a little bit right in terms of foreign policy, it is Donald Trump.  That is why he is such a threat to the establishment.

I hope Trump continues to go after Hillary on her husband’s rape of Juanita Broaddrick.  I hope he keeps suggesting that Vince Foster died under mysterious circumstances.

In today’s world of the Internet, it is easy for anyone to look up these things and get a different side of the story (or any side of the story) that they wouldn’t hear on television.

I want to see the Clintons go down.  I want to see them in prison.  I want them to live long enough for most of the world to know just how bad these people are.  Their policies are terrible, but they are completely evil individuals.  Maybe they are matched by the Bush family, but that is a subject for another day.

I think Hillary Clinton could still lose the general election.  Donald Trump is very effective at debating.  I hope he doesn’t become conservative (not in a political way).

If there is any kind of a major economic downturn over the next 3 or 4 months, that could quickly derail Clinton’s campaign as well.

I think Hillary Clinton would be an absolutely horrible president in almost every way.  But there could be a few benefits.

First, the Republican Congress would oppose almost everything.  Sure, spending would still be out of control, but there would be no major legislation like Obamacare.  If there is one big fear I have, it is that Hillary Clinton would start yet another war.  I can’t count on the Republicans to oppose that.

One other possible benefit of a Clinton presidency is that it would keep the spotlight on her and her criminal career.  Maybe more investigations will be done on Vince Foster and others.  Maybe more investigations will be done on Bill and his possible child molestations.

Again, I want to see the Clintons humiliated and sent to jail for the rest of their sorry lives.  They are pure evil.

Unfortunately, even if there was a YouTube video of Hillary Clinton issuing orders to murder one of her political opponents, there would still be Hillary supporters.  They either would refuse to believe it or would somehow justify it.  But there will always be deranged or clueless people on this planet as long as the human race is in existence.

To answer the original question – What can stop Hillary Clinton? – the answer is the same as what can stop big government.

The answer is public opinion.  If a significant majority come to view Hillary Clinton as the liar and criminal that she is, then that will take away any legitimacy that she has.  It is possible she could still win the election with a plurality of votes (as her husband did), but she would quickly lose a lot of power if she loses legitimacy with a significant majority of Americans.

All the public has to do is open their eyes.  Look up the past of the Clintons.  It is out there for you to see.  You can learn all about their shady dealings, their “foundation”, their associates who have gone to prison, their associates who have mysteriously died, their various scandals including Whitewater, the pardons, the rapes, and so on.

It is a long list.  It is amazing that these two evil individuals have been able to go so far and do so much damage.  It shows how corrupt our system is.  Public opinion can stop it though.

The American public should not give them any more power.  But ultimately, I want to see them behind bars.  I want the public to know the truth about these two criminals.

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