10 Things Trump Should Have Said in the Debate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in their first debate with each other.  While Trump did well in the eyes of some people, he really could have devastated Clinton.

It is easy to look back and think of things after the fact when you’ve had time to reflect, but Trump really needs to be prepared for some of these opportunities in the next debates.

Here are 10 things that he could have said, and probably should have said, in response to the questions from the moderator and the comments by Clinton.

  1. When Hillary Clinton was talking about Trump’s belief in trickle down economics, he should have responded, “You say I believe in trickle down economics. But it is you who thinks that people should hand over their money to government and that it will somehow trickle back down from the government to the people, instead of to the lobbyists. And you think my ideas are naïve?”
  2. When she brought up Trump calling women names near the end of the debate, he should have said, “At least I have never raped anyone. And my spouse has never raped anyone either.”
  3. When his tax returns were brought up, he should have said to Clinton, “Of course you can disclose your tax returns. Most of your money is filtered through the Clinton Foundation and kept well hidden.”
  4. Another response for the issue of his tax returns could have been: “You want to see my tax returns, yet you don’t care about auditing the Fed and seeing the books of the entity that controls the money supply for the world’s reserve currency.”
  5. When discussing the Iraq War, Trump should have said, “Not only did I not support the war, but I also did not support the foolish decision to invade Libya and then laugh about it as hundreds of thousands of lives were turned upside down.”
  6. When Clinton was talking about raising taxes on the wealthy, Trump should have responded, “You want to bring wealthy people down, while I want to create more wealth and wealthy people to go with it.”
  7. When talking about his temperament, Trump could have said, “Some people think I am brash, and perhaps sometimes I am, but that is only because I tell the truth. They just aren’t used to people running for political office who tell it as it is.”
  8. When Hillary Clinton linked the birther issue with race, Trump should have responded, “That is one of the problems we have today. Is that your way of trying to silence people? I am not allowed to say anything negative about Obama without you calling me a racist.”
  9. When Clinton said that too many African-American and Latino men are in prison for non-violent offenses, Trump should have responded, “Then stop helping to pass so many laws and regulations that land them there. What laws did you propose to repeal as a senator that would have helped keep non-violent people out of jail?”
  10. When Clinton was defending her stamina by saying she traveled to 112 different countries and spent 11 hours testifying in from a congressional committee, Trump should have responded, “You wouldn’t have needed to testify for 11 hours if you had been honest. And out of those 112 countries you visited, how many of those trips were a mission to solicit money for your foundation?”

While Trump’s debate performance was not terrible, let’s hope that he can come up with some better material at the next one to expose the liar and criminal that Hillary Clinton really is.

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