Bill Weld, Hillary Clinton, and Other Random Political Thoughts

With just days to go until the election, I am enjoying the entertainment.  I can’t say that it is at the expense of our liberties, because a lot of those liberties don’t exist anyway.

I will get back to more economics/ investments/ money topics after the election.

Here are some random thoughts about  the election season.  If you are reading this a day later, some of it might be old news (oxymoron?) already, especially with the existence of Wikileaks.

  1. Many people keep saying that this is one of the worst choices ever for a presidential election.  Have they not been paying attention for, oh, the last several decades?  Was Romney vs. Obama really great?  And what would make them happier now: Rubio vs. Biden?  Trump is actually something different as compared to the status quo.
  2. I think libertarians should take some lessons from Donald Trump about what to do and what not to do.  Rand Paul had a terrible campaign for the nomination.  He let Trump take the position of outsider, while Rand tried to play nice with the establishment.
  3. A lot of people voting for Trump don’t necessarily agree with him on a lot of the issues.  He represents a middle finger to the establishment, and there are quite a few people out there who want to see the establishment taken down at least one notch.  We’ll see if there are enough to get him the electoral votes to win.
  4. Bill Weld just essentially endorsed Hillary Clinton.  I wonder how this makes Gary Johnson feel.  I wonder how it makes the Libertarians who voted for Weld feel.  Did Johnson know that Weld would disagree with him on so many issues and support the establishment candidate?  Did Johnson know how much of a statist Weld really is?  Is Johnson himself a statist?  Maybe he will open up about it after the election.  Bill Weld will probably be out of the Libertarian Party on November 9.
  5. For the first time ever, I have a strong hope that Hillary Clinton is headed for jail.  The reports are saying that the NYPD dug up the dirt on Weiner’s laptop and that they are prepared to go public with the findings on Bill and Hillary’s criminality.
  6. Who would have thought that a guy named Weiner would show his…well, you know… and get the Clintons in trouble.  Bill Clinton officiated the marriage between Weiner and Huma Abedin, and it was Weiner’s sex scandals that may bring them down.  If someone  wrote a novel like this, people would say it is impossible.
  7. If Hillary Clinton gets elected at this point and actually takes office, she will have very little respect amongst the populace.  She will be practically impotent.  My only fear is that she will start another war.
  8. Who are the 60 million or so people who will vote for Hillary Clinton?  They must really have their heads in the sand here.  Do they still think this is all part of some vast right-wing conspiracy?  Do they honestly believe that she made an honest mistake in sending out emails on a private server?  Do they honestly believe that Saudi Arabia and other foreign governments donated to the Clinton Foundation for charitable causes?  Do they even know any of this stuff?
  9. Bernie Sanders is a total stooge.  How can the guy go out there and campaign for Hillary knowing that the whole thing was rigged against him?  Wikileaks exposed emails that fed debate questions to the Clinton campaign prior to the debate.  Are we supposed to believe this was a one-time incident?
  10. I saw a bumper sticker today that read “I’m ready for Hillary”.  This could really be taken two ways.  Does it mean the person driving that car has guns and ammo ready for the collapse that takes place under Hillary?
  11. In 2012, I knew Obama was going to win because of InTrade.  The government essentially outlawed the betting sites and the foreign ones are not going to be as reliable.  So I really have no idea who will win this.  I don’t even know if we will know the final results on Tuesday night or early Wednesday.  This is going to be quite the show.
  12. Even if you hate both Trump and Clinton, I think you should absorb this moment in time that will go down in history.  I know every four years we hear that this is the biggest election of our lifetime.  In this case, it might actually be true.  Not that we should get our hopes up for great change if Trump is elected, but at least it would show a major shift in the thinking of the electorate.

Once this is all over, I will give a wrap-up of the events, along with lessons to be learned from the Johnson/ Weld nominations of the Libertarian Party.

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