6 Major Lies of the Obama Administration

After nearly 8 years of an Obama presidency, and despite a major defeat for Democrats in the last election, Obama remains somewhat popular. While a lot of people aren’t necessarily happy with the state of the union, many still see Obama as a likeable guy.

If Obama really were just a nice guy who happened to oversee some bad policies, then maybe we could have some sympathy towards him. But, while I don’t think Obama is the sharpest tool in the shed, he isn’t naïve either. He has known that he has overseen evil over the last 8 years.

His administration has continually lied to the American people for 8 years, and Obama himself has helped in the lying and deceiving. Here is a list of 6 of the biggest lies of the Obama administration, many of which cost countless lives and impacted tens of millions of people.

  1. When pushing for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), he stated over and over again that if you are happy with your doctor and your health insurance plan, then you can keep it. It was not long after the implementation of Obamacare that health insurance plans that were previously available were no longer available due to the changes and mandates in the law.
  2. The Obama administration claimed that Assad (in Syria) used chemical weapons against his own people. There was no evidence of this at the time, and it was easy to see that it was a lie being told to justify war in Syria. Like so many things that high-level government officials say, it was likely the exact opposite. It was most likely the enemies of Assad (likely funded by the U.S. government) who used the chemical weapons.
  3. Obama and company lied about Libya. He first said that regime change would be a mistake. He said that Qaddafi was a threat to the civilian population. It was another lie to justify war, which has caused massive death and destruction in the country. Libya is now far more dangerous and unstable than it was before. It is Obama who was a major threat to the civilian population of Libya.
  4. The CIA and other elements within the U.S. government helped to overthrow the democratically elected leader in Ukraine. After this, the people of Crimea voted (with over 96% approval) to join Russia. The people there are mostly Russian speaking, and it is no surprise that they wanted to break away from the unstable Ukraine where living standards are far worse than in Russia. Then the U.S. government and its puppet media tell the lie that Putin invaded and annexed Crimea. Putin did not invade Crimea. He simply accepted their vote and will to join Russia.
  5. When a Turkish airline was shot down over Ukraine, the Obama administration almost immediately blamed Russia with no evidence. Even if it was shot down by Russians, this does not automatically implicate the Russian state. Obama responded with sanctions against Russia. There is still no proof that the Russian state was responsible for this in any way.
  6. In the lead up to the Iraq War, the Bush administration would make hints that Iraq played a role in the 9/11 attacks. They would not directly say that, but they allowed others to say it without correction. They steered the narrative that way without officially lying (although many other lies were told). This is what Obama is doing with the allegations of Russian hacking. As Julian Assange stated in an interview, Obama is playing a lawyer. He is being very careful with his words. There is absolutely no evidence that Russia was involved in the information turned over to Wikileaks or hacked the election in any way. I will take Assange’s word over Obama’s word any day. Are we really supposed to trust an anonymous CIA source? These are many of the same people and all of the same agencies that lied about weapons of mass destruction. If a high-level CIA person says something important, you should believe the opposite until you can prove otherwise. Obama is playing war games with Russia and joining the war hawk conservatives in trying to delegitimize Trump. Obama is knowingly lying and deceiving about this.

Obama may seem like a fun guy who likes to play basketball, but he is an apologist for the regime. He originally campaigned that he would have a transparent presidency. Now he seeks to punish anyone who dares to tell the truth about the government’s lies and all of its crimes.

Obama has major blood on his hands. It was reported recently that in 2016 alone, the U.S. government dropped 26,171 bombs on foreign countries.

Obama is not a nice guy. He is a killer. He is a liar. He has intentionally helped to commit these evil crimes.

He will now retire from the presidency and make a lot of money giving speeches and live in a huge house with his family. Meanwhile, tens of millions of people and their countries lay in ruin because of his policies.

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