Immigration Ban: A Libertarian Perspective

There is much uproar over Donald Trump’s executive order to temporarily ban people from a list of seven particular countries.  There has been a lot of confusion about it all, but it seems that it has been clarified that green card holders are still able to return to the U.S.  If this had not been the case, it really would have been outrageous.

While I am offering my libertarian perspective here, I do have to say that it is my perspective.  There is much disagreement over the subject of immigration amongst libertarians, and there is much disagreement over this ban by Trump.

It is a tough issue for libertarians because of the fact that we are so far removed from anything resembling a free society.  Libertarians can agree that there should not be government welfare for immigrants (or anyone else), which would go a long way to solving the problem.  In addition, libertarians (at least the real ones) can agree that the U.S. government should stop the war making and interventions in other countries, especially since the governments of these countries did not aggress against us.  If this were the case, the threat of terrorism would decrease tremendously.

It becomes hard though when you have a state (government) and national borders.  There are libertarian arguments to be made for both sides of the immigration debate, as well as other alternative views that are not often discussed.

Overall, I do not agree with Trump’s ban, even if it is temporary.  But I do understand the thinking of those who favor it.

Of course, terrorism is an irrational fear for most Americans.  It is statistically ridiculous to worry about it.  The same people who are afraid of terrorists under their bed have little fear when they get into a car or take a bike ride.  They don’t have a fear of eating too much sugar, or going to the hospital and picking up an infection.  With terrorism, there is a miniscule chance of something actually happening.  You just hear about it when something does happen.

Another ridiculous thing about this ban is that – as some have pointed out – it doesn’t include Saudi Arabia.  That is a country that specializes in radicalizing people (for the worse).  It is a country where most of the 9/11 hijackers originated from, and the Saudi government was likely involved in supporting the 9/11 attacks.  Again, it makes no sense.

But the immigration ban itself isn’t the biggest story for me.  It is the absolute hypocrisy of most of the left.  It is a story of just how much the establishment media controls the narrative.

It goes without saying that many on the right can be hypocritical too, but not so much on this issue.  If they are wrong on this issue, at least they are being consistently wrong.

The media is pushing out all of these tragic stories about chaos at airports and people returning to the U.S. who are being denied access.  We hear about people missing a family member’s wedding or someone who was going to finish up their education.

I’m not trying to minimize all of these stories, but a little perspective would help.  Most of the people wailing and crying about this ban were silent for the last 8 years.  I know some have pointed out that Obama had some kind of 6-month ban on Iraqis entering the U.S., but that isn’t even what I’m talking about here.

The whole reason there is a refugee crisis in many of these countries is because the U.S. government has either threatened war or instituted war.  Obama and company overthrew the government in Libya and caused complete chaos.  Obama and company tried to overthrow Assad in Syria, and it has caused complete chaos.  The U.S. has been funding many of the bad guys there.

Over 26,000 bombs fell in 2016 alone by the U.S. government.  There are tens of thousands of people who have died at the hands of Obama (O-bomb-a?).  Where were the outcries?

While I don’t agree with Trump’s temporary ban, it is on a completely different scale from what has already happened.  It’s not to say that Trump won’t continue the bombing and interventions, but that is not what the left is crying about right now.

If I were a Muslim living in the Middle East, I would be a lot more upset about U.S. bombs blowing up my family members than not being able to enter one particular country on the entire planet.

If the left is so upset at Trump, should they not also be upset at every other country on the planet?  Why can’t some other first-world country take these people in if it is so important?  New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, and Singapore would all be great places to live.  In fact, if you are coming from a war-torn region, even Mexico or Malaysia would be a great step up.  Where is the outcry?

These people are either total hypocrites, or completely naïve, or some combination of the two.  Obama and the presidents before him have completely destroyed civilization in much of the Middle East.  They have caused total chaos.  That is the number one problem.  It isn’t Trump’s ban on immigration from some of these countries.

The thousands of people who have died in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere all had a story.  The family members still suffering all have a story.  We don’t hear about the death and destruction though.  We hear about the poor Iranian guy who just missed a family member’s wedding because he was denied access.  We don’t hear about the Libyan guy who saw his child blown up at a wedding.

I think the death is a much bigger outrage, but that is just me.  Apparently the left doesn’t mind death and destruction, as long as it is being done by a Democrat.  It just really upsets them that the whole world can’t enter the United States and go on welfare.  At least we know where their priorities are.

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