Surprise: The CIA is a Criminal Organization

Wikileaks has released documents exposing the extent of the CIA’s spying and its criminality.  For any libertarian, this should come as no surprise.  But perhaps it will be a turning point for more Americans to examine this horrible government agency.

First, here is what I am not saying.  I am not saying that every person who works for the organization is a criminal.  I am also not saying that the agency has never done anything good.

What I am saying is that, on net, the agency is bad.  It should be abolished immediately.  And we don’t even know a small percentage of the horrible things that it plots and does.  We don’t know how many government overthrows and assassinations are attempted by the CIA.

Thanks to these latest documents and at least one brave whistleblower, we can now provide stronger evidence of the CIA’s criminality.  I don’t use that word lightly either.

There are two things in particular that stuck out to me right away.  As more people comb through all of the documents, we can be sure that much more will come to light.

The first interesting thing is that the CIA had plans to hack automobiles in order to assassinate people without being detected.

If you are familiar with the story of Michael Hastings, this is particularly interesting.  Hastings was a journalist who died in a car accident in 2013, except we aren’t sure about the word “accident”.

Hastings was doing some investigative journalism (reportedly about the CIA itself) and feared that his life was in danger.  After his death, there were speculations that his car was hacked and made to speed up and crash.  Now with the latest Wikileaks cables, the conspiracy theorists don’t seem so crazy anymore.

The second major thing that caught my attention was that the CIA stole Russian malware in order to blame the Russians for cyber attacks.  Of course, this could not have come at a more perfect time.

If these Wikileaks documents had been released in October 2016, we never would have heard any allegations of the Russians hacking the U.S. elections.  Instead, they would have found something else or someone else to blame for Trump’s victory.

This whole thing about the Russians hacking the election is a lie.  It is a CIA lie.  And now we have these documents to show that the CIA specifically planned to blame Russia for cyber attacks.  When this was planned, they didn’t know that Donald Trump would win the election, but it sure came in handy for them when he did.  Now it has all back-fired on the CIA.

These are just two of the big things.  There are many others.  These documents show the CIA’s ability to control people’s electronic devices to spy on them.  They can watch you through your television if it has a camera.  They can listen to you through your cell phone.  Again, this is nothing new to me, but at least there is some evidence now.  And again, the conspiracy theorists don’t seem so crazy any longer.

I have warned previously about the major danger of the NSA and the spy state.  I have warned about the dangers of the CIA.  This is all part of what is now termed the deep state.  As Donald Trump is finding out, it is very hard to fight the deep state.  Kennedy tried to fight the CIA, and look where he ended up.

So what is the solution to this?  The solution is for Americans to care.    When Edward Snowden did America a favor by exposing the spying of the NSA, most people shrugged their shoulders.  There were a few that cared.

If Americans tolerate this from their government, then it will continue.  And the answer isn’t to reform any agencies or get the right people in office.  The answer is to eliminate these agencies.  At the very least, we need massive budget cuts.

I believe that only the American people can force this to happen.  They have to demand that their so-called representatives in Congress defund these corrupt agencies.  Until there are major budget cuts, unfortunately, not a lot is going to change.

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