How I Used Fiverr to Debunk Trump’s Economics

While I have defended Trump at times from some of his critics, I have never been a fan of Trump’s economics.  He gets a few things right (such as reducing government regulations), but he is mostly bad when it comes to issues of free trade and government spending.  Trump falsely believes that government spending can help the economy.

One thing about Trump is that, perhaps naively, I see a hint of integrity in him.  Unlike most other politicians, I have this little bit of optimism that he might actually do the right thing if he has the right information and has processed it correctly.

And that leads me to my latest project and how it will help debunk Trump’s economics.  There are two different lessons here.

I recently finished writing a book on free market economics.  Actually, I finished most of the writing a couple of months ago, but it takes a little time to do the final editing and prepare it for publishing.

When I started the book, Trump was not even a declared candidate for president.  I was working on the book a lot during his campaign, but I wasn’t writing it at all with Trump in mind.  Still, when I look at the book now, somebody like Trump (or a major Trump supporter) could really learn a lot from what I wrote.  I could say the same thing about Hillary Clinton, but I don’t think she is honest.  Even if she read and understood the content, she would be thinking of ways to use the information for her own power.

My book is non-partisan in the sense that I don’t talk about political parties.  It is strictly dealing with economics and how the government reduces our living standards.  I wrote it so that it would be just as applicable 20 years from now as it is today.  Still, I think the book does a good job of debunking many of the economic fallacies that Trump believes, even though I had no intention of doing that.

There is a second lesson here also that I would like to share.  As I finished preparing my book, I used for the first time (where most things are actually more than five dollars).

For the cover design, I outsourced it to someone in the United States (California, I think).  It cost me $40 plus a $2 processing fee, and I was able to pick a picture, get a cover design, and get the designs for both Kindle (digital) and CreateSpace (hard copy).  She did exactly as I requested and gave me a cover design that I liked.

One thing I didn’t realize is that I had to give her an exact page count for the CreateSpace cover.  I think it is because it determines the width of the spine of the book.  I had to rush to get a good page count, even though I already had the electronic version complete.

I started researching and watching YouTube videos on how to format for CreateSpace in Microsoft Word.  I was struggling with the margins and footers and everything else.

So I went back to Fiverr.  I found a guy in Ukraine who would do it for ten bucks.  I figured I didn’t have much to lose.  I described how I wanted it formatted, and he returned it to me within 24 hours.  I requested one minor revision and got it back quickly again.  It was just how I wanted it.  I tipped him an extra five bucks for the effort.

So here is the lesson for Trump.  I outsourced my work to this guy in Ukraine (a country that has been put into further chaos by the U.S. government’s help to overthrow the government there).  For a small amount of money (to me), I was able to save probably many hours of headaches.  This was a voluntary agreement enabled by Fiverr.  We both benefitted from the arrangement (as did Fiverr).

If it had cost $50 for someone in the United States to format my document, maybe I just would have spent the extra hours and struggled through it myself.  But for such a cheap price, it was easily worth it for me to outsource the job.  Meanwhile, this guy in Ukraine is obviously happy to work for this amount.  This is a very poor country, and 10 dollars probably goes a long way there.  Plus, when you have little to begin with, any little bit helps.

I have no idea how long it took him to do this.  Maybe it took him an hour because he has become really good at what he does.  My guess is that it probably took him a couple of hours.  But for him, making 10 dollars for a couple of hours of work is worth it.

According to Trump economics, I shouldn’t be outsourcing my work. I should be hiring an American to do the job.  But I wouldn’t have hired an American unless the person was willing to work cheaply.  And most Americans wouldn’t spend a couple of hours to format a document for 10 dollars.  Of course, most Americans wouldn’t know how to do that either.

Free and open trade is beneficial for everyone.  It is one of the themes of my new book.  It was demonstrated effectively with my use of Fiverr.

As a side note, Fiverr can be used for many tasks.  My recommendation is to be precise in your search and to check the reviews carefully.

As for my new book, it will be released shortly.  I will run a promotional at some point where you can download it for free through Kindle.  I will post something on here when it becomes available and I run the promotional.

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