JFK Died, Trump Lied, and the CIA High-Fived

The federal government released many of the remaining files related to the Kennedy assassination on October 26, 2017.  This was based on legislation signed in 1992 requiring that the remaining documents be released unless blocked by the president.

The legislation was signed by then-president George H. W. Bush.  Where was Bush on the day that Kennedy was assassinated?  Does anyone really know this?

In the lead up to the release, Trump stated that he would allow the full release, but subject to the receipt of further information.  When he issued this statement (through Twitter, of course), it became apparent that not all of the files would be released.

Although some files have been withheld, Trump didn’t really lie because he gave himself that out.  He was purposely playing word games.

Still, I think he is lying for other reasons, namely that the remaining files are being held for national security reasons.

Here is the obvious question that you probably won’t hear from the establishment media.  If there was no conspiracy to kill JFK, what could possibly be in these documents that would risk national security?

The major players in the establishment have no problem making false accusations against Russia and slapping on sanctions, so there can’t be anything implicating the Russians.  The same would probably go for Cuba.

Since the assassination was not prevented, there wouldn’t be much to disclose in terms of the lead up to the assassination, unless there really was a conspiracy outside of Oswald himself.  And they can’t be worried about revealing any detective or spying techniques in trying to solve the case.  Would there really be any technology secrets from 1963?

The only logical conclusion is that the documents implicate certain people or a group within the government, which would most likely be the CIA.

I believe that it was the CIA, along with Lyndon Johnson, that took out Kennedy.  Kennedy had already stated that he wanted to rip up the CIA.  He dismissed the CIA director, Allen Dulles.  Not coincidentally, Johnson appointed Dulles to the commission to investigate the assassination.  In other words, the commission was set up by Johnson, and Dulles was appointed by Johnson, and these are the two most likely suspects of any kind of conspiracy.  And to be sure, both of these men were rotten to the core.

While most of the people involved in any conspiracy would now be likely dead, or at least close to it (George H. W. Bush), the CIA is still one of the most vicious government agencies.  It is responsible for secret coups and the instigation of wars and other conflicts.  It is the face of the deep state.

The assassination of JFK is still highly relevant to today’s world.  I don’t think many people understand this.  The assassination was a coup d’etat.  Kennedy tried to oppose the deep state.  He wasn’t going along with the CIA and other elements of the establishment.  Therefore, they had to get rid of him.

The problem is that our government is not much different today.  It is almost impossible to oppose the establishment, as was quickly learned by Donald Trump.

There are a lot of similarities between Trump and Kennedy.  I know the Kennedy fans hate to hear this.  The difference is that Trump has seemed to finally given in to the establishment.

Sure, Trump will still say inflammatory things and still oppose certain establishment things on the margin.  But for the most part, he has given in to the intelligence agencies and the spying agencies.  His blocking of the last remaining files on JFK are evidence of this.  He could have just said, “I want them all released.  I don’t care if you think it risks national security because I can’t imagine there would be anything that would do such a thing.”

You have to wonder if Trump actually knows what happened to Kennedy.  You have to wonder what the establishment, particularly the CIA and spy agencies, have put over his head.  Did someone go to Trump and hint to him that he better fall somewhat in line and not expose too much or else he risked the same fate as Kennedy?

If that is the case, what hope is there of ever dismantling the deep state?  Really, there is only one hope.  We can’t rely on one person to ride in and fix things and expose the truth.

The only way to dismantle the deep state is to get public opinion on our side.  This means opposing big government on everything.  It means tens of millions of people demanding that budgets be cut, or better, agencies abolished.  The only way to dismantle these agencies is to no longer grant them any power.

I know some will say that the CIA and FBI do some good things.  And I have no doubt that there are some decent people in these agencies who actually do solve actual crimes.  But when you give the power to do good, you are also giving the power to do bad.  And it becomes especially bad when you centralize power to this degree.

This is why the JFK assassination matters so much.  It symbolizes the deep state.  It symbolizes the fact that most of the top “leaders” in this country are criminals.  And it wasn’t just the group of leaders in 1963.  It is a continuous process where, as Hayek said, the worst get on top.  Political power attracts the worst elements of society.

We should not be surprised that not all of the files were released.  Even if they were, we should not expect any smoking guns.  If there were any smoking guns, the documents would have already been burned.  The best we can hope for is to piece together a few more things.

But until the American people are willing to withdraw their consent and to stop granting vast amounts of power to Washington DC, then not much is going to change.  The people enslave themselves.

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