The FISA Memo – A Libertarian Take

The infamous FISA memo was released.  While I didn’t expect a really smoking gun, I was probably hoping for a little more than what was there.  Now don’t get me wrong; there is no question it has implications and is significant.  It’s just that it was built up a lot.  That is the problem with hype.  You then have to live up to the hype.

The memo implicates a lot of names, along with a couple of agencies – mainly the FBI and DOJ.  It turns out that the investigators are the ones who should be the investigatees.  Most of the names in the memo of people in the FBI and DOJ should probably be in jail, at least if they were held to the same standard as they hold us.

If Martha Stewart can be thrown in jail for five months for supposedly obstructing justice over a non-crime, then surely the actions described by the memo should be obstruction of justice, plus some.  (Remember with Martha Stewart, even though I don’t think insider trading should be a crime, she was never actually found guilty of insider trading.)

You can easily read the FISA memo in just a few minutes.  It is less than four full pages long.  I am thankful that I could just read it instead of reading a summary of it.  I have figured out that this has been a weakness for WikiLeaks.  There were many damaging things in releases last year against the federal government, the Democratic National Committee, the establishment media, and the Clinton campaign.  The problem is that it was information overload.  It was hard to get through it all, and you had to rely on other people to find the gems.

I think WikiLeaks should release, on average, about five pages in one day.  Let that be the news.  Then, two days later, they can release another five pages and let people digest it.  Many people are just unaware of the favoritism shown towards the Clinton campaign.  For example, she was fed questions before a debate against Bernie Sanders.

As far as the FISA memo goes, it really wasn’t any big news for people who have been paying attention in an honest way.  Now if you are strongly paying attention in the form of watching CBS news or CNN, or just reading what your friends say on Facebook, then you probably aren’t aware that the whole Russiagate is a fraud and that the real criminals are the ones doing the investigation.

I am not pro Trump because I disagree with a lot of his stances.  He is a protectionist and Keynesian when it comes to the economy.  In foreign policy, he said some good things on the campaign trail, but he has continued the wars and belligerence around the globe.

However, I do consider myself to be anti-anti-Trump.  The people who have Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) criticize the man for all of the wrong things.  And half the things they say are just based on made-up stories about him.  And by the way, there really is such a thing as Trump Derangement Syndrome.  People who have it just can’t think straight at all whenever the subject of Trump enters the conversation.  It is quite a spectacle to behold.

The bottom line with this memo is that the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign (basically the same thing) paid (indirectly, of course) Christophe Steele to compile this dossier, which was then used as a basis for investigating the Trump campaign.  Again, this was already pretty well-known for anyone who was following the story and was not just listening to the establishment media.

The memo was put together by the majority of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (i.e., Republicans), but it still adds credibility to what was already known by some.  Of course, this credibility will only go so far, as the strong anti-Trump forces would never believe anything that puts Trump in a favorable light.

During Trump’s campaign in 2016, he was talking about how loyal his supporters are.  He said something to the effect that he could stand in the middle of the street and shoot someone, and his supporters would still support him.  He, of course, took a lot of criticism for this remark.  But if anything, this could more be said of Hillary Clinton, or better yet, the anti-Trumpers in general.  You could have the establishment media saying that Trump tried to punch somebody in the face.  Then when video is released showing the exact opposite, the anti-Trumpers would find a way to spin it against Trump, or to say that Trump really did throw the first punch.  Again, I can’t fully explain the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

And to be sure, this syndrome falls into some Republicans too.  You can see it in the Bush family, John McCain (who criticized the release of the memo), Mitt Romney (before Trump was the nominee), and many of the other war hawks in the establishment.

One other point is that Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, is completely useless.  Trump should fire this guy now.  While he figures out how to get the government into more asset seizures and more drug busts, he completely ignores the crimes of these agencies.

In response to the FISA memo, Sessions said that he has “great confidence in the men and women of this Department, but no department is perfect.”  Yeah, I guess you could say criminal is not perfect.  Let’s hope Trump realizes that Sessions is a major part of the swamp.

And that brings us to the only solution possible here.  I have warned in the past about the spy agencies, particularly the NSA.  The only solution to these corrupt agencies is severe budget cuts, or better yet, to close them down completely.  When you have many billions of dollars at your disposal, you can always point to some good things that have been done.  But the people at the top of these agencies are some of the worst characters on the planet.  And while seeing some of the criminals actually go to jail would be nice, it is not a long-term solution.  The only solution is massive budget cuts, or outright eliminations of agencies.

These spy agencies and intelligence agencies have teamed up against Trump and have been trying to take him down since before he took office.  Yet, for some reason, he will still continue to fund them.

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