Hillary Clinton Shunned by the Establishment

Hillary Clinton has been in the news, especially if you get your news on the web.  The latest scandal involves her use of private emails and it is coming at a time when presidential contenders are making their aspirations known.

Anyone who has followed Hillary Clinton knows that she has wanted to be president for a long time.  Saturday Night Live has made fun of her for this and continues to do so.

She is addicted to power and control, and any advocate of liberty should be very concerned when someone seeks power this intensively.

I don’t really care about this whole email scandal.  She may or may not be guilty of something.  But don’t think this is a vast right-wing conspiracy.  I think this may be the establishment taking down Hillary.  It may be the Democrats more than the Republicans.

I see two possible reasons for this.  The first is that there is simply Clinton fatigue in the U.S.  The same thing could happen to Jeb Bush.  I actually don’t think the establishment wants a Bush vs. Clinton matchup because it would be too obvious.  The American people might begin to realize that these elections are a sham and that we are ruled by oligarchs.

To go along with this, Democrats may not want her to get the nomination for the simple reason that she will lose.  Most people love her or hate her, but the hate side is at almost 50%, which makes it tough to win an election.  She could win if she had a similar scenario as her husband where a third-party candidate runs.  She might win with 40% of the popular vote.

The other possible reason for the establishment all of a sudden turning on her is because they are afraid of what might be revealed if she does run for president and she gets the nomination.  They may just be hoping that she goes away quietly.

The Clintons have a lot of skeletons in their past.  There are Clinton body counts on the internet.  I know there are conspiracy theories for almost anything out there, but it really is crazy how many people associated with the Clintons have died at a young age or went to jail.

Vince Foster is the most famous one associated with the Clintons.  He committed suicide, if you believe the official reports.  He was a close associate of the Clintons and was a partner at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas.

For conspiracy theorists, the most interesting one is John F. Kennedy Jr., who died in a plane crash in July 1999.  There are some reports that he was about to announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate out of New York.  He is probably the one person who could have beaten Hillary Clinton, who was elected to the Senate a year later.  Hillary saw the senate as a stepping stone to the presidency, in case it wasn’t obvious.

Regardless of whether you believe this stuff, I believe that the establishment is nervous about having a Hillary Clinton candidacy.  The internet has reached new proportions and things get exposed and uncovered as never before.  If Hillary runs for president, there will be a spotlight on her and you never know what story from her past may come back to haunt her.  It isn’t going to be something relatively minor like private emails, unless those emails are fully exposed.

The establishment wants to keep the status quo.  They don’t want bad publicity.  They would rather have presidential candidates who have a cleaner past.  That is my guess anyway.

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