Obama Taking “Full Responsibility” for Operations

It was reported that an American and Italian, who had been held hostage by al-Qaeda, were killed in January.  The Obama administration has admitted that they were killed in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan due to U.S. counterterrorism operations.

Obama says that he takes “full responsibility for these operations”.  Does that mean he is going to jail?  Does it mean he is stepping down as president?

It is not clear why Obama came clean with this admission, but we can assume that this story was going to come to light at some point anyway.  I know that Obama promised an open and transparent administration when he first campaigned in 2008, but the actions of the administration have been quite the opposite up until this point.

Obama also says that an independent review will be conducted to find out what happened.  However, he assures everyone that the operations were lawful.

This just shows that the law is a joke.  I don’t really care if it was lawful.  This is what separates libertarians from others.  Libertarians don’t really care what is printed on a piece of paper and signed into law.  The issue is whether it was moral.

Since it was an American that was killed, Obama had to address the country, and the media will give it some attention.  But why is Obama all of a sudden sorry for this happening?  I guess that means he isn’t sorry about the tens of thousands of innocent people who have been killed either directly or indirectly from U.S. military presence overseas.

If these two people were killed inadvertently by American operations, then how many innocent people are killed who aren’t Americans?  Do the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere not count?  I guess they don’t count to Obama or a large portion of the U.S. media. They don’t seem to count with many Americans in general.

Murder is murder.  It doesn’t matter if it is an American or a little Pakistani child walking home from school.  U.S. drones are almost infamous for blowing up wedding parties and funerals.  These are innocent lives being taken out on an almost constant basis.

There are a lot of people responsible for this, but Obama could stop it all, or at least try to stop it all.  He is a responsible party, just as Bush before him is a responsible party.  If he is allowing drone bombings in foreign countries, then he is part of the murdering regime.

If you are an American, imagine how you would feel if a foreign country came in and started bombing your neighborhood.  Imagine that they cut off the water supplies.  Imagine that foreign troops are seen walking around your neighborhood.  Imagine that your family is blown to pieces by a drone in the sky that you know comes from the invading foreign government.  Who are the savages?

Most Americans are very peaceful and loving people, but we should not turn a blind eye to the atrocities that go on in our name overseas. The actions of the U.S. military in the Middle East are the opposite of peaceful and loving.  Thousands of people die, but many Americans only seem to take note when an American is accidentally killed.

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