Happy New Year – 2016

Happy new year to everyone.  2016 could turn out to be an interesting year for libertarians and all Americans.

We have a presidential election.  These typically don’t matter much, but this year may be more interesting than past ones.  Unfortunately, we don’t have Ron Paul to watch, but at least we have the entertainment of Donald Trump.

It could be entertaining too if Hillary Clinton gets indicted for emails or any number of other things, but I don’t see that as likely to happen.

Perhaps the most interesting thing will be the American economy.  The Federal Reserve has been in tight money mode for over a year now.  And now the Fed is paying banks more money to not lend.  The chances for a recession in 2016 are reasonably high at this point.  The economy could very well decide the presidential election as well.

I think it is a good idea to prepare for a recession or some kind of economic downturn.  This means being prepared mentally and financially.

I know the new year is a time for resolutions.  I am not against this, but it should be productive.  Just to say, “I am going to diet and lose weight” is not good enough.  You need to set specific goals.  Actually, you need to set specific steps.

I could say that I want to write more.  But this is too vague.  Instead, I can say that I will write at least 5 days per week.  It should be something concrete that is achievable.

Sometimes people try to overachieve too much as well.  It is better to take smaller steps that are achievable.  Instead of going on a diet, you could say that you will eat at least two servings of vegetables per day and drink at least two glasses of fresh water every day.  You are more likely to meet this goal than to start a new crash diet that isn’t likely to last.

You can do the same thing with money and budgeting.  If you eat out three times a week, start out by cutting it back to two times per week.  If you are in over your head in debt, then you should cut it back to zero.  Otherwise, there is no need to deprive yourself.  Adjust slowly and make new habits.

This is just what I find works with me.  Small changes can add up over time.  And when you do something for long enough, it becomes a habit.

Happy New Year!  Here is to a more libertarian and prosperous future, despite overbearing government.

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